Partipost's mission is to connect brands with their real users and to reward the crowd for their voice. We believe that real users creating authentic content is the way forwards for advertising.

We're building a platform to allow organic collaboration between brands and users. To ensure a good experience for everyone, we've developed the guidelines below to highlight the values we uphold. Please note that this may change as we keep working on providing a better experience for all of our users.

We take these guidelines seriously and will enforce them via warnings, lowered payouts, submission bans, or account termination. We'd like to avoid this, so please read through this carefully!


Representing yourself

  • Fill out your profile details accurately - for example, provide the correct identifying details, date of birth, and social media accounts.

Representing your community

  • Do not solicit or buy followers for your social media account.

  • Do not solicit or buy engagement for your posts, including boosting the post and purchasing likes, comments, or shares.

  • Do not create multiple accounts to create multiple submissions for the same campaign.

Representing your content

  • Only join a campaign if you would recommend the product/brand for free. If you don't already own a product or aren't willing to buy it, we do not encourage purchasing a product just to participate in a campaign as your submission may not be approved.

  • Only submit content that you own or create, unless you have explicit permission to do so otherwise.


Commitment to campaigns

  • Make sure your submissions fulfil the campaign brief; submissions should not be spam or content intended to shame or insult others. See our submissions guidelines for more details.

  • You should intend to post on social media if your submission is approved.

  • Do not edit, archive, or delete your post unless asked to do so.

  • Do not sell any items, products, vouchers, or services you have purchased from joining Partipost campaigns.

  • We advise you to have not more than 4 sponsored posts or Partiposts within the last 12 posts on your feed in order to increase your chances of being approved.


  • Respond to all communication from the Partipost team respectfully. Harassment and inappropriate messages are strictly not tolerated.

  • Do not reach out to brands directly (e.g., through their social media pages). Instead, communicate with the Partipost team by writing in to if you encounter any issues.