1. Read the brief carefully and make sure you meet all the requirements!

  2. Upload your best photos as brands are more likely to reject low quality photos. Take note of the following to maximise your chances of approval:

    • Ensure that photos are not dark, grainy, or blurry.

    • Any products should be clearly featured and represented truthfully.

    • Submit multiple photos so brands have more options to choose from.

    • Be true to your own voice; only submit content that you would genuinely post on social media.

    • Do not reuse content that you've previously submitted for another campaign

  3. Write the caption in your own voice and keep it PG (avoid profanities and inappropriate content).

Brands may reject a submission when:

  1. The submission is deemed inappropriate or is not in compliance with all the requirements and objectives in the brief.
  2. The Partiposter’s social media account does not show enough organic activity recently.

Brands may reject submissions at their sole and absolute discretion. If you feel like your submission was unfairly rejected, please reach out to the Partipost team at so we can look into it!