Partipost is an influencer marketing company that connects brands with everyday people and influencers through various campaigns in our app. With Partipost, it's easy to SNAP. POST. EARN.


When you join Partipost you will be notified of new and exciting campaigns that you may want to participate in. Post selfies, visit cafes, write reviews, or perhaps try out clothes from the latest collections. Partipost unlocks exclusive marketing campaigns that you can be a part of.


Partipost frequently runs campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, as well as other social media platforms on occasion. Based on each campaign, you may be sent items to try, asked to purchase a product, or be given service trials. Follow step-by-step instructions in order to submit your content on the Partipost app. Then, once it is approved by the brands, you may be prompted to publish it to your social media profile to start earning.


Best part is you get rewarded by sharing the brands you love! 

Read through the details of each campaign as different brands set payouts structure differently.