If you're new to Partipost and you're simply browsing, joining a campaign might seem like a daunting task. The Partipost team is here to help you through each campaign task and steps available.

Discovering campaigns

It's always worth scrolling through the Campaigns tab to browse all the campaigns available at the moment. You may also refine the list of campaigns according to your interests, you can use the filter function. You can filter the list of campaigns according to tagged categories and social media platforms. For example, if you're only interested in joining Beauty campaigns, filtering the campaign list by Beauty category will show you a list of campaigns surrounding makeup, skincare, and the like – making it easier for you to discover a campaign that matches your interests and/or social media feed.

If you already know exactly which campaign to join, you can use the Search function. Simply enter the campaign or brand name and the campaign list will show the results.

Viewing campaign briefs

Campaign briefs are designed to provide you with just enough information for you to decide if you want to join the campaign. This includes the minimum requirements, payout details, schedules, and more. Be sure to read through the campaign brief thoroughly so that your time, money, and effort won't be wasted in a campaign which you cannot commit to.

Minimum Requirements

Every campaign has a different set of minimum requirements. This can include a minimum number of followers on your social media profile, gender, and more. You can still join campaigns even if you don't meet the minimum requirements, but take note that you will unlikely be approved. 

Tasks and Steps

Every campaign also has a different set of tasks for Partiposters to fulfill. It is compulsory for you to complete all the tasks in a campaign within the schedule listed in order to receive your payout. Within each task, steps are provided to add structure to the campaign. Be sure to read all the tasks and the steps within them carefully before joining the campaign so that you know what to expect. Read more about campaign tasks here and steps here. 

Payout Details

Partipost understands the need for you to know that you will be fairly compensated for the time and effort it takes to create content for the brands. This is why there is a dedicated page that lays out the payout details per element you will be incentivised for. Take note that some payout elements (such as additional payouts) are conditional and might only apply to a select few Partiposters. For example, if a payout element states that you will be incentivised $10 for Most Creative Content, it is up to the brand to decide who they would like to incentivise.

Joining a campaign

Once you've decided on a campaign to join, tap on Start Partiposting and open the task which you want to tackle first.

Check out this article to get you started:https://partipost.com/ph/2020/02/19/your-guide-to-partiposting/