Once you have completed at least one step for a campaign task, the list of tasks in the campaign will be updated with a status that corresponds to your overall task progress. The statuses and their definitions are explained below:

Not Done: You have not attempted to complete this task yet.

Waiting For Review: Your submission is waiting to be approved by either Partipost or the brand managing the campaign. Sit tight and wait for an update from us!

Edits Requested: Either Partipost or the brand managing the campaign has requested for you to make some edits to your submission. Check the steps within the task carefully and reupload the submission according to their comments.

Action Required: A preceding step in the task has been completed, either because your submission is approved or you have manually completed it. The latest step is now open for you to take action.

Completed: You have completed all the steps within this task. Hooray! Check to see if there are other outstanding tasks in the campaign. 

For Edits Requested and Action Required statuses, be mindful of the last day of the step schedule. It is usually recommended to complete the step as soon as you can, allowing some buffer time for brands to approve your submissions.