Campaign steps are structured instructions given to you in order for you to complete a campaign task. More often than not, the steps are the same for each type of campaign task. For example, an Instagram Post task will always contain the following steps:

  1. Submit content,
  2. Post on Instagram, and
  3. Submit post URL

Unlike campaign tasks, campaign steps have to be completed in sequence. Using the example above, you cannot complete Step 2: Post on Instagram until you have completed Step 1: Submit content

There are two types of steps: ones that require you to submit content, and ones that simply require you to acknowledge that you've completed the instructions within.

You also cannot complete a step outside of the schedule stated on the campaign brief. 

Protip: if the step schedule isn't open yet, set a reminder for yourself to complete the step when the time comes! If the step schedule has passed, however, you will not be able to finish the campaign.

This is why it's important to double check your campaigns thoroughly to see if all tasks and steps have been completed before the campaign ends. We'll help you out in any way we can by sending updates via email and push notifications, as well as providing you information about the campaign in the Partiposts tab in-app.