Step 1: Post it on social media

Post it on your social media before the end of the posting period. You can find the posting period in the app and the approval email.

Step 2: Submit your post's link

Let us know when your post is live by submitting the post's link through the Partipost app. 

For Instagram posts, you may find the link by following the steps in this Instagram Help Centre answer.

Similarly, the link for Facebook posts, copy the link on the mobile app by tapping on the three dots at the top followed by "Copy link". From a PC, first click on the post's timestamp and then copy the link at the top of the browser.

We only count tags that are on your photo for the entire earning period so make sure all your tags are in place before submitting your link. Please submit your post's link immediately to ensure accurate calculation of your earnings.

Step 3: View your post's performance

The more engagement (likes, comments, tags) your post gets, the more you’ll earn! Your post’s payout breakdown will remain at $0.00 on the app until we validate your post.

Step 4: Work out when you'll be paid

Your final payout is calculated 7 days after your post is live or when the campaign's budget runs out, whichever comes first. Don’t forget to add your bank account details on your profile screen to withdraw your payout!