Partipost uses third-party payment processors to transfer money to you. The payout you earn can be securely transferred to your bank account.

For users in Singapore and Indonesia, we use Xfers to directly process bank transfers.

Step 1

Enter your phone number and tap "Generate OTP". You will receive an SMS from Xfers with a one-time password.

Step 2

Enter the one-time password from the SMS and tap "Set up bank account".

Step 3

Tap the "Bank name" section to bring up a list of banks you can choose from and fill in the "Bank account number" form. Tap "Save details" to complete the process. Please double check your bank account number as your earnings will be sent to this account. If the bank account you entered is invalid or incorrect and the bank transfer needs to be reversed, you may be charged up to 100 SGD.

You should see an in-app confirmation message once you've linked your bank account.